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Tips to Help You Find the Right Gym

by Nathan Boyd

Taking those first few steps towards establishing a Fitness
Lifestyle can very well be intimidating, especially if the
decision is made to sign-up for a gym membership. In fact,
deciding on even using a gym can be a double-edged sword of
sorts. On one hand, there are many of us who feel that weíll
become more motivated towards exercising regularly if we do
sign-up for a gym membership. After all, youíre now investing
more money into your health so you certainly donít want to just
throw that money away. Additionally, there are typically many
more people working out at the gym than anywhere else, so youíll
probably be more likely to get caught up in the ambience and
energy of others exercising as well. However, on the other hand,
because there can be so many people working out at the gym, you
may feel intimidated beginning those first steps towards getting
back in condition in front of others. When you stop to consider
all of the pros and cons with signing up for a gym membership,
you may find that making this decision was a more daunting task
than you first thought.

Fortunately, there are many gyms and fitness facilities
available now to accommodate virtually every factor and
consideration involved in your own decision making process. From
the large fitness clubs such as Ballyís and 24-Hour Fitness to
the local YMCA or university health centers, and from the
private one-on-one training studios to even mobile Personal
Training trailers, chances are excellent that a gym can be found
to match your own personal preferences. Whatís important to keep
in mind is that every gym and fitness facility has itís own
unique personality and subsequently, thereís a gym to match your
own unique personality as well. Therefore, with a little gym
shopping savvy and factors that weíll providing you for
consideration, youíll be on your way towards locating a gym
thatís a perfect match for you!

Presented here then is a brief summary of several factors for
you to consider when shopping for the gym thatís right for you:

1) Location

Typically, youíre better off when your gym is near to your home
or work. The greater the distance that youíll have to travel to
exercise, then the greater the chance that you may find an
excuse not to. At the same time, donít let location be your sole
determining factor, as itís important that you donít join a gym
that you dislike simply because itís nearby.

2) Management Attitude

When you walk into your gym, I strongly believe that you should
never feel like only a dollar sign or a second-class citizen.
Look for honesty, sincerity, politeness, and above all, respect.
The vast majority of gyms that I have stepped foot into are
operated by managers and staff members that genuinely enjoy
their jobs and genuinely enjoy assisting their clients. However,
if you feel like a gym is not interested in your needs at all,
then you may wish to keep looking.

3) Hours

How does your own personal schedule fit in with the gymís? If
conducting early-bird workouts is your best option, then at what
time does your gym open up? What if you can only workout late at
night? Is your gym a 24-hour gym? Is it open 7 days a week?

4) Price

This factor is actually most peopleís first consideration when
searching for a gym. As this issue can be largely affected by
your own personal taste and budget, I would simply propose the
following points to consider. First, look at the entire package
before you just consider the cost. Being the cheapest gym around
does not necessarily make it the best fit for you. You do
sometimes get what you pay for. Secondly, be mindful of the
contracts you sign. There are fitness chains that have been
notorious for absolutely locking you into a long-term contract
and then making it nearly impossible to cancel should you decide
to withdraw at a later date. If you are not convinced that
youíre going to stick with regularly working out at a gym, you
may then prefer to sign a short-term contract instead even if it
costs more per month.

5) Sanitation

For me, this is a direct reflection on management. Bathrooms,
showers, pools, saunas, tanning beds, and the gym equipment
should be cleaned on a regular basis. Granted, while club
members are working out, no gym will ever be 100% perfect, but
as long as a club still places an emphasis on proper hygienic
practices, then it demonstrates responsibility and concern for
their members.

6) Client Volume

If youíre just beginning a gym membership for the first time and
feel a bit insecure about working out for the first time, you
may (or may not) prefer a smaller gym or even a personal
training studio. Also, the best gym in the world for you may
still be the wrong fit if youíre going to have to regularly wait
in line to exercise on a piece of equipment. A crowded gym can
result in irritable attitudes and inefficient workouts. Your
best bet may be to locate a fitness facility with the proper
combination of number of members and number of equipment that
will allow you to maintain a steady workout.

7) Environment

Do you prefer an ďIron DungeonĒ with a perpetual cloud of hand
chalk and chorus of loud yells and grunts? Or do you prefer a
club that feels more like a Singles joint where the clients seem
more concerned with meeting the members of the opposite gender?
Just like the design of the gymís building, a gymís environment
can come in all versions as well. If you feel uncomfortable upon
your initial walk-through, you may wish to continue looking at
other gyms and fitness facilities nearby. When you sign up for a
gym membership, itís vitally important that you sign up at one
that you feel comfortable at and enjoy the atmosphere because if
you donít, then thereís a good chance that you wonít succeed in
regularly working out there.

There are still many additional factors not listed here you may
wish to consider before selecting the gym of your choice such as
amenities, the equipment itself, and the clientele. Just be sure
to give yourself a little bit of time to shop around and
determine which choice is best for you based on your needs and
tastes. I truly believe that signing up for a gym membership is
an outstanding investment on your physical and emotional health
and is well worth the time and money spent to locate the one
thatís the best match for you. Most gyms and fitness facilities
today are ran by professionals in their field who enjoy their
jobs and there is a good chance that this high level of
enthusiasm will only energize you further.

So shop around, itís well worth the effort!

About The Author

Nathan Boyd is author of the highly rated ebook, "The Fitness
Lifestyle" and the current Director of Pro Fitness of Texas.
Nathan encourages everyone in their pursuit of becoming
physically fit and maintaining it for a lifetime. All questions
and comments are always welcomed!

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