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A Solution to Chronic Illness and Immune System Disorder

After suffering from an undiagnosable immune system disorder for some 15 months, I had almost given up hope. I say undiagnosable, because I saw at least a dozen different medical specialists, and none of them could tell me what I had, or how to cure it! I apparently had several opportunistic viruses in my system - Eptsein Barr virus, shingles virus, and one called Cytomegalorvirus. Apparently these viruses were all doing a great job in knocking out my immune system. But despite the presence of all these viruses, the doctors still couldn't tell what the problem actually was because my immune system looked fine, even though it wasn't working at
all. I was hospitalized twice, and spent 15 months in various states of unwellness - unable to work full time, and sometimes not at all - sometimes barely able to walk from my bedroom to the kitchen. I needed immune support, but nothing worked.

I tried everything in terms of herbs, mega doses of vitamins and other supplements. In addition to all the doctors (who could offer me nothing), I saw several naturopaths, who were all similarly baffled.

But one day, while searching for information online, I found something which sounded promising, and decided to give it a try - Transfer Factors. Transfer Factors contain colostrum (which I'd tried in various forms and potions during my illness), but it's a patented form which also includes Transfer Factors from egg yolks as well.

What are Transfer Factors exactly? Well, the best way to describe them is by describing what they do - they "educate" the cells to stabilize your immune system - so they work on both underactive immune system and overactive immune system.

This is just my own description of how they work - for more detailed information, click here: Solution to Chronic Illness

or here: Beat Chronic Illness

They absolutely worked for me! After 15 months of being a virtual invalid, after 8 weeks of taking Transfer Factors, I was BETTER! I attribute my recovery to Transfer Factors.

And believe it or not, Transfer Factors also work for cancer, diabetes, Crohn's disease, herpes, and can prevent colds and flu completely!

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