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Healthy Food Tastes Better!

If you've always thought of healthy food as boring, and fatty food
or fast food as somehow being tastier, you've got it all backwards!

Healthy food is really tasty. And most healthy food is eaten raw
or only lightly cooked, so healthy food recipes can be almost as easy to whip up as something from a fast food outlet.

Yes, healthy food is tasty, easy to prepare, and will contribute
greatly to your new healthy lifestyle! That's what you've come to the
Lifestyle Healthy site for, isn't it?

by Ingela Berger

How is it that we can’t seem to think that something nutritious
and healthy could in fact be tasty and enjoyable? Ever since I
started to eat healthy food I have discovered new tastes, new
flavours and new favourites. I do it almost daily. When I
stopped looking at meat as the main ingredient of a meal I found
a hundred new ways to prepare a good meal. I did not exclude
meat completely, only the kinds that contain saturated fat. I
continued to eat chicken, turkey and fish. (Chicken has its fat
in the skin, so you can cut it off.) I eat vegetarian dishes at
least three days a week, and the veg food has become my
favourite food. Why? Because it tastes so good and the food is
so easy to vary. I can’t think of a life without it anymore. It
would be a poor life. This food is a treasury and it has given
me energy and strength that I did not have before.

The benefits are plenty. You will feel spry and lively again.
You will lose weight. You will strengthen your immune system and
stay well longer. You will lower your blood pressure. I could go

I am a notorious tea drinker, and I loved all kinds of black
teas. The taste of green tea didn’t appeal to me, I found it
bitter. But I discovered several kinds of green tea that I have
learned to enjoy and I now drink it every day. It’s actually
become “my cup of tea”.

This is what I would suggest that you do if you want to improve
your eating habits:

• Reduce the fat, especially the saturated fat, which is mostly
found in meat and dairy products. Exchange the butter and
margarine with extra-virgin olive oil. Avoid oils with high
percentage of saturated and polyunsaturated fat. Use oils which
contain mostly monounsaturated fat. Using the right kinds of fat
(with moderation) is more important than reducing the fat in
general. Instead of milk you may want to drink yogurt
(containing live cultures) which is better for the stomach.

• Eat fish at least twice a week. If you don’t like fish, make
sure you get enough of the omega-3 fatty acids. One way to do
this is by eating flax seed.

• Eat lots of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, cereals and whole

• Make the vegetables the main part of the meal. Rice, pasta,
potatoes or couscous and beans are priority number two. Eat fish,
chicken or a small slice of meat with it if you like, but it is not
necessary. You will feel better if you exclude the meat and spare
yourself the saturated fat.

• Eat soy products regularly (e.g. tofu, tempeh, and miso, or
vegetarian beefs made of soy beans). There have been
discussions about soy and its health risks, but the benefits seem
to be greater than these supposed risks.

• Drink water with every meal and in between meals. You
can’t get enough of water.

• Use fresh ginger (the root) and garlic in your cooking. Goes
well with nearly everything.

• Use fresh and dried herbs in all cooking.

• Reduce the coffee. Preferably switch to green tea. If you drink
black tea, replace it partly or completely with green tea.

• Reduce the sugar. Don’t use artificial sweeteners. They are not
healthier. There is no evidence to suggest that using artificial
sweeteners would help you lose weight. Pure sugar is OK (raw
sugar is slightly better than white), just use it with moderation.
Read package labels for information about sweeteners and other

• Take some vitamin and mineral supplement every day.

• Sweets should be consumed with moderation. Only a few small
sweets in the weekend. Dark chocolate is good (but still with
moderation because of the sugar). Nuts can be an alternative to
sweets (still with moderation).

• Alcohol should be used with moderation if at all. A glass of wine
on Saturday evening does no harm if you are not oversensitive.

• Choose ecologically or organically grown products whenever

• Try a day of fasting from time to time to rinse your system. Drink
only fruit juices, water and green tea that day.

This plan will lead to a healthier and more fulfilling
lifestyle. It will make you lose weight without having to be
hungry. Take one step at a time. A small change can make a big
difference. You will be rewarded if you are determined to really

When you follow the advice above you will not need much meat.
Protein can be added through beans, soy and seeds for instance.
If you exclude the dairy products or some of them, make sure you
get enough calcium through for instance calcium fortified soy
milk and orange juice, and through green vegetables. If you
exclude meat completely, be sure to get enough vitamin B12 from
fortified soy milks or cereals or by taking a supplement.

Of course, you can have that little special treat now and then.
The idea is to enjoy and have fun! If you feel like a prisoner
you will not enjoy your new habits. But remember, if special
treats come too often, they are not special treats anymore.

Ingela Berger started her own Internet business Lifestyle Plans
in 2003 out of a desire to inspire and encourage others to make
reality of their dreams of a personal, healthy and fulfilling
lifestyle. Ingela has studied theatre directing, history of art,
and leadership psychology. After some years working with art
exhibitions and the theatre she is now back at school to become
a health and lifestyle consultant.

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