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Laser Vision Correction - Better Eyesight At A Price

I am sure that you realise that the cost of corrective laser surgery will vary wherever you may be. Even surgeries located in a single state such as California for example, will vary. Maybe even if you took a city such as San Diego, you would still find variations. In addition, treatment costs could vary depending on individual circumstances.

What I will aim to do though, is to give you some ball park figures so that you will have an idea of the level that the costs may run to, so it will not come as such a shock. Whichever way you look at it, the procedure will not be cheap. Whether it is worthwhile or not will depend on your own circumstances though.

The likelihood is that you will need both your eyes corrected. The first thing that you need to understand, is that prices quoted are usually on a per eye basis. Please take care to get clarity on this fact before making any commitments.

At the time of writing, the cost of Lasik Surgery ranges from around $1000 per eye to near $2000 per eye. If the surgeons involved use newer technologies such as Wavefront or IntraLase, then you should expect higher prices than those mentioned earlier, probably a minimum of $2000 per eye. Be wary of anyone quoting less, because any corrective surgery will undoubtedly require follow up visits, and these should be included in the total price of the treatment.

One question that you should ask yourself is whether the cost of the 'new technology' is actually worthwhile? Wavefront technology for example, allows for much more accurate corrections. That being the case, the chances of success (in terms of improved natural vision) are also increased. IntraLase is a technique that uses a laser instead of a blade to open out the eye. This process promotes better natural healing, so it can be argued that both practices are worthwhile additional investments.

In conclusion, make sure that you prepare properly by asking about all the costs involved for the procedure you want. You do not want any surprises at the end of the surgery. Financing is available for this type of surgery, so please remember that you should try and get the best surgeon you can afford, not necessarily the cheapest!

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