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5 Tips for Getting Kids to Eat Healthy Foods

Kids like healthy food too - IF you train them right!

If you feed kids lots of unhealthy food, then the chances are, that's
what they'll want all the time. They'll turn their noses up at healthy
kid snacks. But if you start with some healthy snacks for kids, and
then progress to healthy meals, then you'll be well on the way to
getting your kids into a healthy lifestyle.

Better yet, if you start your kids off with healthy food and never give
them anything else, they're even more likely to like it, because it'll be
what they're used to.

So if you eat healthy food, and give your kids the same healthy
food that you eat, your kids will really benefit.

by Meri Raffetto

Parents can help their kids to eat better, and make it fun! Here
are some tips to increase your child’s interest in healthy foods.

1. Bring your kids grocery shopping

While in the produce section, let your kids pick out a new fruit
or vegetable to try. Kids are more interested in trying new
foods when they get to pick them out.

2. Prepare meals together

Let your child be part of the preparation. Whether they mix
something in a bowl or pour a sauce they will be happier to eat
and try new foods when they played a part.

3. Incorporate “fun foods”

Kids are drawn to foods that have different shapes, and bright
colors. There are many fruits that can fall into this category
such as kiwi or star fruit. You can also be creative! Instead of
handing your child a whole orange, break it up into pieces and
make a smiley face on the plate. You would be amazed what simple
creativity can do!

4. Make desserts healthy

You can still have dessert and make it healthy too. Instead of
depending on store bought cookies and candy (which provide
minimal nutrients), try dipping fresh strawberries in chocolate
sauce, a fruit smoothie, or a berry cobbler. These choices may
have some sugar but are also adding nutrients at the same time.
Remember- everything is healthy in moderation.

5. When your child wants candy

Candy is a once in a while treat. Try using one ounce of trail
mix with a few m&m’s instead of a whole candy bar.

Be a role model for your children. If you enjoy physical
activity and eat healthy your children will likely do the same.
Encouraging physical activity and healthy food choices during
childhood will help build these habits for a lifetime.

© Meri Raffetto, 2005

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Meri Raffetto is a Registered Dietitian and a recognized
professional in the area of nutrition and wellness. She is the
owner of Real Living Nutrition Services providing interactive
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